The Property Wizard is able to offer the following Leasehold and Freehold services to empower you to make the best decisions to get the most out of your property:

- Lease Extension Advice (A short lease will make your property harder to sell and potentially impossible to mortgage)

How do I extend the lease on my flat? There are different routes to extend the lease on your flat including a formal and informal extension. The cost of extending the lease on your flat can vary depending on the value of the property and the number of years remaining on the lease. You should ensure you are fully aware of the options and implications of extending your lease which we can assist you with. Contact us to find out how we can assist you with your lease extension and for a FREE quotation.

 - Lease Review

Our observations on this are shocking -  we have found that the majority of leaseholders have never read their lease and in some cases, leaseholders are unsure where the copy of the lease is. A lease is a legally binding document, hence holds significance. Let us review your lease to ensure that there are nasty hidden surprises.

 - Leasehold Purchase Advice

Leases can vary in many ways including the covenants you are bound by, what's included as the demise, parking rights and so on. Leases can often be conflicting and you should understand your lease fully to protect our financial interest.

 - Buying a Freehold or Leasehold property advice

Is the Freehold or Leasehold right for you, what are the long term implications or benefits, have you researched the property thoroughly?

 - Flat & House Service Charge/Budget advice

Are your flat Service Charges to high?  A high Service Charge on flats may be justified depending on the service provided. We offer a full Service Charge/ Budget review to ensure you are paying a reasonable amount for your property including any future works that may be required. Are you under or over collecting for reserves for planned maintenance works. What does the lease stipulate for the frequency of internal and external redecorations?

 - Resident Management Company (RMC) advice

We offer advice on any particular issues you may be experiencing, we can mentor the Directors to ensure you are equipped to run your development lawfully and effectively.

 - Managing Agent advice

We can review the service that your current Managing Agent is providing and assist with the appointment of a new Managing Agent of your choice. We can also review the current contract and advise on the contract renewal.

-  Maintenance & Engineering Contracts

Do you have the right contracts in place and are you receiving value for money? we can advise you if the contracts are fit for purpose and if you may be better off switching providers or service level, do yo need a platinum lift contract and is it cost effective?

 - Landlord advice

We can assist you with issues related to the property that you rent out and the development your property is located at, does your lease allow for short term letting including Air bnb style lets?

 - Disputes

Do you have a particular issue that you are trying to resolve as a Resident Management Company, we can can assist you accordingly.

 - Telephone Consultation

We provide advice on how to deal with and resolve many issues and sometimes we can do this over the phone.

 - First Tier Tribunal Representation

We will happily represent you at a First Tier Tribunal to achieve an outcome that is both fair and reasonable. Subjects include service charge reapportionment, maintenance responsibilities, and Management Company Negligence. One example could be to do with how the Service Charge is apportioned: Is it fair and reasonable? Should residents pay towards something that they gain no benefit from and/or cannot access?


So, please Contact Us by using the contact us form for assistance and we will be happy to assist you